BIM Summits are unique events drawing together participants from every aspect of the facilities and infrastructure industries jointly with academic faculty and students to support and promote the efforts needed for sustaining the future built environments. The BIM Summit invites local AECO firms and organizations to showcase how they are utilizing today’s technologies to advance the building delivery process but also provides insights to universities for preparing market ready graduates. For more information please click here.

Sponsors Benefits

We need sponsors for these events at the local and national level. The BIM Summit is supported through the generosity of our sponsors who can promote their successes which provide inspirational models and mentoring to other practitioners, owners, faculty, and students in attendance, to promote products needed in support the industry transformation and to support the education of future generations moving into the facilities and infrastructure industries. The event is also an excellent source for potential interns as well as future employees. For more information about sponsorship opportunities please 
click here


BIM & Bagels - Next event to be scheduled soon - come back!

University of New Mexico - 4th Annual - Save the date - September 29, 2017
University of Oklahoma - 2017 session not yet scheduled
Arizona State University - 2017 session not yet scheduled
Colorado State University - 2017 session not yet scheduled

University of Washington - 2018 session not yet scheduled