WELCOME TO THE bimSMART foundation 

The bimSMART foundation is a non-profit corporation that was officially incorporated on February 14, 2013. It is a recognized neutral leader in BIM through sharing of best practices, community outreach and education for all working in the built environment. 

The bimSMART foundation promotes and funds emerging BIM initiatives that benefit the AECO community and public good, serving as a support organization of buildingSMART international and other BIM initiatives, through grass-roots interest group management, educational programming and community outreach that provide opportunities for individuals, companies and groups to develop their BIM potential. This organization serves as a catalyst for BIM excellence and industry-wide change.


To promote, facilitate and fund initiatives that support and enhance the use of BIM for direct and immediate benefit of practitioners in the AECO community. 

As you are no doubt aware BIM is an international effort to transform the construction industry. Amazingly the United States is under represented in the world currently. Many other countries are working together to move the transformation of the facilities and infrastructure industries forward. The United States does not have representation on most ISO working groups developing international standards. This means that we will end up using software supporting ISO standards that we had no part in writing. Our efforts are focused on working to build relationships and bring forward issues from practitioners to the international community. Interest groups developed around major universities are at the hear of this effort. Many are joining in our effort. We hope you will join with us also.

Support Our Upcoming Events

  • BIM & Bagels
  • AGC Florida East Coast Chapter - March 14, 2017 @ 8:30am - TBC

  • Upcoming BIM Summits

  • University of Washington - March 15, 2017 - Click Here For Agenda and Registration                   Please note this is part of a larger event - Click here for the complete event information
  • University of New Mexico - 2107 session not yet scheduled
  • University of Oklahoma - 2017 session not yet scheduled
  • Arizona State University - 2017 session not yet scheduled
  • Colorado State University - 2017 session not yet scheduled

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